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Video Production Society Visit London North Studios

Members of the Video Production Society were lucky enough to visit London North Studios. The school has provided the London North Studios with a number of film locations for their projects throughout the years. Pupils received a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the studios with exclusive access to a number of sets and art and lighting studios for Netflix. One of the sets was a recreation of The Oval building and another was an apartment interior built up high on a stage to maximise lighting and good sightlines. 

The Head of the Studio, Vincent Wood shared his vast knowledge of the filming industry as an experienced writer, actor and film director. Pupils were also given an insight into the huge number of job opportunities within the industry. It was fascinating for pupils to see the workings of a professional studio; it gave them a deeper understanding of how films or TV series are produced. 

Jonathan (Upper Sixth, Weymouth), head of our Video Production Society, states:

“I loved everything about the trip! It was a fantastic opportunity to get a better understanding of how the industry works. One highlight from the trip was overseeing a conversation between the studio’s employees who were considering different colour scheme options for a set. They had 3D models of the sets on their computers, which I thought was particularly interesting. It was also great to see the variety of sets – they were much bigger than I expected.’

External trips and experiences form a key part of our curriculum at Mill Hill School. They provide pupils with hands-on experience and knowledge that they can use in the classroom and beyond.