This week in Nursery…

Wow! What another wonderful week in Nursery we have had. The children came into school Monday and found the role play area was now an under the sea mermaid space. The children enjoyed creating mermaid necklaces and mermaid crowns. They also created lots of small world mermaid areas.

They enjoyed learning their new sounds this week and decorated their sounds with hot colours and red paint. We played another blending and segmenting game in Nursery called Kim’s game. Some objects were hiding under a blanket and then when I took one away the children had to tell me which one was taken away but by only using a robot voice.

On Tuesday we developed the mathematical skill of comparison. The children looked at all of the different shells we have and in pairs sorted them. They chose the best ways to sort them and we found it incredibly interesting to see how they would organise them into groups. For example, shiny, bumpy, big, small, dirty, clean.

The children all looked amazing dressed up on Wednesday. They really embraced the theme and joined in with the Jubilee dance workshop with wonderful enthusiasm.

On Wednesday we also explored the properties of different materials. We looked at the best materials for a boat, the children made some boats and then tested them out on water. We quickly realised which material was best for floating.

Today in Forest school the children enjoyed creating seed bombs. These were a wonderfully messy activity and all instructions explaining what you should do with them next are attached to the bag.