This week in Nursery…

We have had a fantastic week in Nursery. The children came in to school on Monday to find the role play area had been transformed into an ice-cream shop at their request. This was an extremely popular spot over the week and all the children spent time in there making and eating ice creams. J

The children enjoyed learning our new sounds ‘f’ and ‘b’. They decorated their sound cards with bubble wrap and feathers.

The children also enjoyed pretended to go fishing using magnets. They found it quite difficult at first however, we observed many of the children persevering with the activity and collecting many fish in the end. We awarded Tommy the Tortoise,  our learning friend to the children that continued with the activity even if they found it difficult.

Within our continuous provision activities this week the children also got to take part in some observational drawing. We placed some very large shells and starfish on the table and the children used coloured pastels to draw them. We were hugely impressed with the results.

On Tuesday, the children were developing their mathematical skill of subitising. The children played a game against the teachers to subitise usual and unusual patterns. They were very pleased to beat the teachers many times.

On Wednesday, we took part in some activities to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. The children created union flags using their fingers. They created crowns with jewels and pom poms and painted pictures of the Queen.

On Thursday, we had a wonderful Tea party to mark the Jubilee. We all enjoyed ice-cream, strawberries and cake as well as our usual snack. We all wore special crowns and listened to some lovely royal music.

Today in Forest school, we followed on the Jubilee theme and created special forest school crowns. We decorated them using lots of interesting things we found around the forest.