This week in Nursery…

What a wonderful week we have had. The children enjoyed learning our new sounds ‘e’ and ‘u’ and decorated their sounds cards with multicoloured cards to make them look like Elmer and then painted their ‘u’ to make it look like an umbrella.

We also played a blending and segmenting game. The children had to listen carefully to my robot voice and then draw whatever I said. For example, a ‘c-a-t’ or a ‘sh-i-p’. They all did a great job with this, and it gave us a great opportunity to talk about giving things a go and trying to draw even if we don’t think we can do something well.

On Tuesday the children were very excited to be visited by Captain Swashbuckle. He returned to collect his treasure and he taught them all about life on a ship and words that he uses. He then gave them a special pirate slap band as a thank you for looking after his treasure so well.

The children also played a large pirate snakes and ladders game on the carpet. The children had to throw the large dice and move themselves that many squares along. There was then a ladder to move up and a tube to go down. If they landed on the treasure chest, they could have another go and if they landed on the pirate hat they had to say ‘Aaarrr’. The winner was the first person to get to the pirate ship. This was a great activity to develop subitising skills and 1:1 counting.

On Wednesday the children created their own pirate treasure maps. They cut out different items and stuck them on. They then had to describe the maps and how they might get to their buried treasure.

On Wednesday half of the children went into the cabin and took part in some woodwork activities. The children were taught the rules and expectations when in this space and they all enjoyed tinkering with the hammers and nails. If your child hasn’t had a turn this week, they will take part in this next Wednesday.

Today in Forest school the children had great fun as usual. They enjoyed building with sand and water. They made pretend cement and tried to build a house with bricks. We observed lots of lovely collaboration play as they worked together to build houses for animals.