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This week in Year 1…

What a wonderful stunning start the children received as they entered their classrooms to find out they have been transformed into an underwater sea scene. This term’s topic of Deep Deep Down has already excited the children by a visit from a deep-sea diver, ’Diver Dean’ who shared his experience of being a diver.

In Literacy, the focused text for this week has been ‘Manfish’ a story of Jacques Cousteau ‘the champion of the seas’ by Jennifer Berne. Inspired by the stunning start and the story of Manfish the children collected lots of interesting adjective words to describe their classroom setting and shared information on what they already knew about the underwater world.

Also, in Literacy, the children had prepared themselves to ask lots of questions for ‘Diver Dean’s visit and what they wanted to find out. They wrote some interesting questions to present to Diver Dean. As a result, the children learnt lots of geographical facts on where he has dived around the world and scientific facts on the different underwater species and habitats. They were fascinated by the wonderful stories and his experience as a diver. They learnt the different parts of the equipment a diver must wear and being safe in the water.

With the weather being nice, Outdoor Learning Day was an exciting day. The children explored different activities such as, May Pole dancing, story walks, loose parts artwork, big art and outdoor math using natural objects.

Finally, we also celebrated Eid with some great activities and the children really enjoyed dancing to the lively music.