This week in Year 2…

Year 2 finished our work on ‘Manfish’ by Jennifer Berne by writing a description of the ocean. We watched clips from under the sea and thought about how we could use the language and the style of Jennifer Berne. The children were encouraged to include short/long sentences, similes, power of 3, repetition for emphasis, adjectives to describe colour/texture/shape, powerful verbs.

Next, the children arrived in class to find a message from another diver called ‘Eugenie Clark’ who said, ‘Now you are all equipped and loving diving I thought you might like my story.’ She also wrote that she has arranged for them to go on a visit to Southend to find out more.  She left them her favourite books and films for them to enjoy. We proceeded to write what we know about sharks on a collecting sheet which they could design themselves if they wished. After we sorted shark fact strips into columns of true, sometimes true and never true before taking a picture on Seesaw of their boards and then adding a speech bubble about what they did. From these facts strips, the children changed the statements into questions ready to do research to find the answers to their questions.

We were delighted to be invited to watch the Reception performance of ‘The STAR fish’ in the Patrick Troughton Theatre at Mill Hill. What a superb show – huge congratulations to all of the Reception children, staff and Miss Gale!

Year 2 had wonderful sessions in the woods over the last 2 weeks when they spent time learning about Rhododendrons, making fairies using sticks and flowers, free play and splashing in puddles. Thank you our super parents for getting the children organised for our sessions in the woods.