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Wellbeing Week & Mental Health Awareness Week Across The Foundation

Wellbeing Week at The Mill Hill School Foundation was full of relaxing and calming activities for pupils. While this year’s national theme was loneliness, The Foundation focussed on community and shared experiences.  

For example, at Belmont and Mill Hill International, group Tai Chi lessons were organised for pupils. Tai Chi comes from the ancient Chinese tradition. It is a meditative and gentle way of exercising the muscles and releasing tension from the body. Each movement is performed slowly and mindfully in synchronisation with the breath and without straining. Research shows that it has many mind-body benefits such as decreasing stress and anxiety, enhancing sleep quality and improving balance and flexibility.  

At Grimsdell, pupils took part in a relaxing spa and enjoyed putting their feet up after a active and adventurous morning.  

At Mill Hill Senior, Fourth Form pupils wrote postcards to connect with the wider community. Pupils reflected on the impact of loneliness and the importance of making connections. Many of us have experienced loneliness. All of us can understand what it feels like and the effect it can have on our thoughts and feelings. By discussing this topic in PSHE, pupils develop the strategies, empathy, and emotional intelligence to support themselves and others. 

At Belmont, teachers also organised a fantastic wellbeing quiz. Some lessons such as reading and letter writing were taken outside of the usual classroom setting to the outdoors, where pupils experienced a sense of calm and composure being amongst nature whilst learning. Belmont pupils also made friendship bracelets and took nature walks in the beautiful school grounds.  

We hope that as a community we can all encourage wellbeing in our homes and amongst our circles of influence, whether in our local area, at our places of work or amongst friends and relatives.