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Digital Literacy at Mill Hill International

This year, Digital Literacy has been one of the non-examined subjects on our School’s curriculum. This course which has been designed by Mrs Prakash aims to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills they would need to explore the digital world competently and safely. One of the activities that took place in these classes was a design competition where the pupils had to develop an App which reflected an area of their interest.

According to Mrs Prakash, the most difficult part of this undertaking was choosing only one App as the winner from each of the classes. Across the board there was such high quality of work that was presented by the pupils. The winning Apps were chosen based on their creativity, design and original features and each of the winners were awarded a Head’s Commendation in the Assembly. They were: Hunayn (10DL1), Jordan (10DL2) and Aunc (10FT DL). The following is what each of the winners had to say about their App:

Hunayn: “My app is about the MHI football team, providing fans and team members with vital information about the team, all in an easily accessible place. It includes the squad list and potential formation, as well as a fixture and result list.”

Jordan: “I designed an index from a game called Star Citizen. This game is difficult for new players to get started. My App will show items and their prices in game currency which synchronizes with the game version and facilitates new players’ understanding and enjoyment of the game.”

Aunc: “I created a unique online Ice cream App. My App contains information about different types of ice cream and healthy ingredients used in the preparation of each ice-cream. It allows customers to select an ice cream from the menu. Moreover, for each selection it provides the price for different flavours of the ice cream.”