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Book/s of the Week

Once again, the Junior Librarians have sourced three books for you to explore …

Firstly, one of our Junior Librarians from 2AM recommends ‘Meet the Planets’ by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Bethan Woollvin.

Theo’s reason for his choice: “This book is really interesting as it tells you all about the planets in the format of a story.”

Mrs Harvey would also support Theo’s choice. In this well constructed journey into space, the reader zooms from planet to planet – one by one each planet tells you who they are, what they are made from and a bit about their character! The rhyming text together with the large and bright illustrations makes this book a perfect read for a wide age range and reading ability. The book was part of our Year 2 Reading Road Map programme in 2020-21.

‘Meet the Planets’ is the perfect way to introduce young readers to the world of science – the fun, read aloud text and the captivating illustrations with each planet dressed to impress, ensure that this book is a real page turner.

Secondly, Mia, our Junior Librarian from 2JB, recommends ‘Winnie and Wilbur Under the Sea’ written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by Korky Paul.

Mia shares the reason for her choice: “This term we are learning about the sea and this a really funny story is set in the sea. Will Winnie ever find her wand? Read this story to find out!”

Mrs Harvey thinks that this is a great summer read. We have a large variety of books from the series in our library. Winnie and Wilbur are a famous comic duo and in this hilarious tale they go on holiday and decide to experience some underwater swimming … with terrible consequences! Winnie loves diving beneath the ocean waves … Wilbur isn’t so sure. So Winnie changes herself and her big black cat into creatures of the deep. When Winnie’s wand sinks out of sight can she rescue it and then find a safe way to see the wonder of the sea?

Winnie and Wilbur are some of the best loved characters in children’s books. It is impossible not to adore this wacky witch and her adorable cart and their numerous adventures have been entertaining children for years!

The illustrations are classic Korky Paul. Bursting with life and detail, each spread is utterly absorbing. There is so much to notice and enjoy – so many little jokes and so many additional characters – all of which inspire children to tell stories of their own as well as encourage them to draw their own illustrations. This text demonstrates the powerful role illustration plays in the development of a child’s reading comprehension skills.

Finally, Lucas from 2HD recommends ‘Giganotosaurus’ written and illustrated by Jonny Duddle.

Lucas tells us: “This is such a funny story and I love the illustrations.”

Mrs Harvey would also support Lucas’ choice. This is a clever and engaging book with a subtle message about telling the truth.  The wonderfully characterised and atmospheric illustrations complement the humorous rhyming text. It is ideal for reading aloud as plenty of repetition will encourage children to join in!

The lessons of Aesop’s fable are just as applicable in the Cretaceous period as they are today, as Jonny Doddle demonstrates in a witty cautionary tale that could be boiled down to ‘The Ankylosaurus Who Cried Wolf’! Four junior dinosaurs have it drummed into their horned heads to beware the fiercest predator of them all, Gigantosaurus: His feet go STOP! His jaws go CRUNCH! In the blink of an eye, you’d be his LUNCH!” warn the dinosaurs’ mothers. Bonehead, a tiny ankylosaurus, offers to serve as a lookout as his friends play amid towering ferns, termite mounds and sun-bleached skeletons. However, after he tricks his friends one too many times into thinking that Gigantosaurus is descending upon them, they abandon him just as the danger gets real …

Duddle’s digital illustrations create a rich prehistoric world with an almost sculptural depth and his big bug-eyed dinosaurs exude personality. The bouncy rhymes and narrative propelled by alternation moments of terror and relief make for a lively, mischievous read for all 3-7 years olds!

All of the books chosen by our librarians are available for loan from our Grimsdell Children’s Library.

Author of the Week

Two of our Junior Librarians from 2JB, William and Lillian, recommend the authors Roald Dahl and David Walliams. Please visit the library to see this special collection on display. Try a new book today …

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey