Pupils Excel in Gundry Music Composition Prize

Mill Hill School was thrilled to hold its annual Gundry Music Composition Competition. We were very fortunate to have Dr Richard Peat adjudicate. Many of us will have fond memories of Dr Peat as a past colleague, music teacher and Ridgeway Housemaster. He offered unique compositional insight and advice. Dr Peat also made fantastic suggestions on further repertoire that pupils could listen to in order to improve their compositional technique, knowledge and craft. 

Dr Peat was particularly impressed with the quality, breadth of styles and authentic musical personalities which were apparent in each piece. His words of encouragement and pointers to further musical exploration were extremely helpful.

The following pupils participated in the Junior category: Ruhan (Fifth Form, Weymouth), Alexander (Fifth Form, Winfield), Lana (Fifth Form, Murray), Rahul Kripps (Fifth Form, School) Irene (Fifth Form, Weymouth) and Tommaso (Fifth Form, Murray). All of the pupils were exceptional. The prize was ultimately awarded to Ruhan whose mastery of technical production particularly stood out. 

In the Senior category, a variety of different compositions were submitted by Pharell (Lower Sixth, Ridgeway), Joseph (Upper Sixth, McClure) and Jamie (Upper Sixth, Atkinson). Joseph was given the Senior prize because of his compositional logic, coherence and imagination. 

The event was an educative and enriching experience with many learnings to takeaways for pupils, teachers, and parents.

Well done to everyone who took part.