This week in Nursery…

The role play area has been transformed over half term and is now a car wash. The children have spent a lot of time this week cleaning my bubble car with water, using sponges, cloths and scrubbers ensuring that my car is incredibly clean.

The children loved learning the new sounds ‘L’ and ‘j’. They decorated the L sound card to look like a ladybird and the J sound card with jewels. As we are learning these sounds, the children had great fun playing with jelly and exploring lemon and limes in the water tray.

This half term we are going to look at specific sea creatures in more detail, this week we explored sharks. The children learnt many facts and the facts that interested them the most was ‘Sharks have lots of teeth’ and ‘Sharks never go to sleep’. The children made their own sharks, they chose how they wanted to create them and this resulted in some wonderful pictures.

We also used the fact that sharks have lots of teeth to think about our teeth and why we should look after them. The children drew dirt on the sharks’ teeth and then brushed it away using a toothbrush.

Today the children had great fun in Forest school as usual. The children created some transient art using objects they found in the forest.