This week in Nursery…

We have had a lovely sunny week in Nursery with lots of water play to keep us cool and refreshed.

The children learnt the new sounds ‘v’ and ‘w’ on Monday. They decorated their sounds cards with wool and violet paint. We then played a blending game, the children had to jump from hoop to hoop saying the sound and then blending them together to make the word at the end. The children loved this and so we then challenged them with pseudo words (made up words) the children found this hilarious, and it was a great indicator to who can really blend the sounds to hear the words and who can just take a good guess.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the children went up to visit some Reception classes. The children were able to explore these independently, meet some Reception teachers and some new friends. They all went up without even a backward glance. They returned with lots of exciting stories about all the wonderful things Reception get up to. As part of our transition, we have also had lots of teachers and teaching assistants from Reception coming to read us stories this week. The children have been getting use to their faces and names ready for next year.

In maths this  we have been thinking about positional language. The children had to cut out some fish then listen carefully to the teachers who told them the exact position to stick them in the sea. The children loved this and were using lots of the positional language taught in their play.

Today was amazing! The children all came in with smiles and loved meeting lots of new friends. We organised lots of opportunities for them to mix in their new Reception class groups plus they got to have lunch like the big children and visit their new teachers and classrooms. In the afternoon, the children were entertained by Skittleman who they found absolutely hilarious. I’m sure they are beyond tired this evening as are all the Nursery staff.