This week in Reception…

We have had a fantastic week celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in Reception.  We have really enjoyed hearing about all the street parties and celebrations you had over half term, thank you for all the interesting show and tell items you brought in.  The children had a great time preparing for our tea party, making cakes, sandwiches, and decorations, and writing their invitations to their teddies – a week of great excitement!  The children also rose to the challenge of making some quite intricate crowns, looking at the crown jewels for inspiration. In Maths we have been learning about capacity.  Using the vocabulary ‘most’, ‘least’, ‘full’, ‘empty’ and ‘half’ linking with our tea party we have been solving problems such as which teapot to use to pour the most tea and how to fill the goblets ½ full and full.  In phonics we have been really focussing on sentence skills such as hold a sentence and using capital letters and full stops.