This week in Reception…

What a fantastic week we have had Reception!

For Circle Time this week we talked about … PANTS! We met a friendly dinosaur ‘Pantosaurus’. The talk about PANTS helped the children to understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried. Privates are private.

If you would like to sing along with Pantosaurus, click the link below!

This week we have been learning about mermaids. We received a letter from a Mermaid named Marissa who wrote to ask for some help. She wrote to say her tail was broken and needed Receptions help to create a new mermaid tail. The children have been busy making their own merperson using fabric and crafts mate-rials.

This week is Eco week, the children have been learning how to look after our planet and what we can do to be more Eco friendly.  Each class has took part in a paperless day where we used everything BUT paper. We used iPads, chalk/whiteboards and natural objects. Well done Reception for being so Eco friendly!