This week in Year 1…

This week the children have been learning about different types of Whales. In literacy, the children watched a story called ‘A Whale’s Tale’ and how the whale helps the ocean by collecting all the rubbish to make the ocean cleaner. They then learnt to sequence the story establishing the beginning, middle and end parts. Finally, the children wrote a plan and used this to expand the story in their own words.

In Maths, the children have been learning to tell the time starting with clockwise and anticlockwise turns, and left and right turns to make quarter, half, three- quarter and a full turn. They then applied this to the face of a clock to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. The children learnt time related facts.

In Task time this week, the children had a carousal of activities. They learnt about animal diets and classified animals into Carnivores/ Omnivores/ Herbivores in the animal kingdom and, why certain animals are good meat or plant eaters. The children also learnt about nocturnal and diurnal animals. In maths task time, the children learnt to problem solve with a question in mind- Can it be halved?