This week in Year 1…

This week the children have continued learning about whales. They explored the different types of whales and learnt to name and recognise them. This week’s text in literacy is ‘Whale Song’ by Dyan Sheldon and Gary Blythe. It is a beautiful picture book that has large images of the sea, whales and the characters showing expression and emotion. The children imagined themselves as one of the characters ‘Lily’ and thought of alliteration words or phrases to describe the special natural object she dropped in the sea to call for the whales to sing to hear. The children recorded their alliteration words/ phrases in various ways.

In Geography, the children learnt what ‘migration’ means and why animals migrate. The children used the world map to see the cyclical pattern of the migration. They came to know that whales migrate to warmers climates for two reasons, to feed and breed.

This week has been Eco week, Year 1 chose Monday to go paper free, they used white boards during the phonic sessions and math’s sessions. Also, the children remembered to turn off the light switch when leaving the classroom.