This week in Year 2…

We have had a superb unit of Task Time and we thought it would be great to share some of our experiences with you. The children moved through a rotation of activities over 2 weeks and here is what was on offer:

  • Life cycle of a shark spinner
  • An arrays activity using egg cartons
  • Shading fractions on Seesaw
  • Looking at shapes on the iPad
  • Year 2 leavers songs
  • Consolidation of quarter to and quarter past using clocks

We have continued our exciting topic about Sharks by creating a shark food chain using a variety of ways to display the children’s’ work. The children learnt the importance of showing the direction of energy through the chain from the producer to the predator i.e. sun—phytoplankton—jellyfish—turtle—shark. We also began collating a non-fiction book with all the information the children have worked on about sharks. This included composing all the elements including a front cover, contents page, and glossary. Can you spot these key pages in books read at home?

In Maths, we performed an Arithmetic and Reasoning assessment. The children were fantastic and tried so hard to apply the knowledge they have learnt throughout the year. Other assessments included Phonics and Handwriting. Well done Year 2.

The children learnt how to accurately demarcate sentences and we look forward to seeing these acquired skills applied in their writing. Phonics introduced the children to the graphemes /sh/ spelt- ti (station), ssi (mission), and ci (special).