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This week in Nursery…

What a wonderful week in Nursery.

The role play area transformed into a party space, the children told us what they thought we needed in the area. We added balloons, dressing up clothes, music, cakes and candles.

The children learnt more about Octopus’ this week. They also drew a picture of them following the instructions given by the teacher. They did a great job at ensuring they had 8 legs.

At the beginning of the year the children drew a picture of themselves. This week they did this again and it showed us the fantastic progress they have made in all areas over their time in Nursery. They will be in their learning journals for you to see.

The main thing we all enjoyed this week was the school trip to Ruislip Lido. The children loved riding the train, playing in the large pirate ship and building sandcastles in the beach area. Thank you again to all the parents that came along with us.