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This week in Reception…

What a fabulous swash buckling week to round off our topic. The trip to Ruislip Lido was one to be remembered. The children behaved beautifully, and we were filled with a sense of pride.  Once we had arrived on the coach a short walk took us to the train station. There we all got aboard the small gauge train, waving our homemade tickets as we went. The train took us to the beach where we split into groups for sandcastle making and exploring the sunken pirate ship in the sand.  Well done to all the children for their sandcastle efforts. Each class claim to have made the best sandcastles and we felt it was too close to call so a big cheer for everyone! As always lunch was a highlight of the trip for the children and then we were ready to take the train back to the coach.  All in all a very successful and enjoyable day.

The trip was such a huge feature of the week we then continued the week doing follow-up work. The children have produced some fabulous pictures and writing based on the trip and enjoyed sequencing pictures depicting the events of the day.