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Goodbye Summer School!

Summer School at Mill Hill International has come to an end. Pupils and staff enjoyed a summer filled with engaging lessons, fun activities and exciting tips. 

On the academic side, our pupils completed Science, English and Maths sessions. These sessions improved their confidence and ability levels whilst focusing on exciting subject areas. A real highlight was our science fair. Pupils selected a topic of their choice, researched it and gave a presentation to their peers and teachers. This was a fantastic way to develop their speaking, research and analytical skills.  

Our English sessions were innovative and varied, keeping our pupils engaged throughout the summer. One particularly exciting session involved trying lots of different biscuits and reviewing each one! Maths sessions were also exciting and fun-filled. Our school computers helped to bring the content alive with the use of games, activities and tasks.

On the social side, our pupils enjoyed different trips and activities. These included trips to London, Cambridge, and Warwick Castle. During their visit to Warwick Castle, pupils enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grounds. It was great for them to learn more about the castle’s history and explore its beautiful surroundings. The pupils also visited Stratford upon Avon – the home of Shakespeare!

Pupils also enjoyed activities arranged by the Summer School Team at the school. During art sessions, they used their creativity and imagination to make fantastic pieces of artwork. These included clay sculptures, origami frogs, paintings of flowers and more. There were also lots of themed activities evenings at the school. There was truly something for everyone with circus, disco, Jurassic Park and beach-themed events! 

Thank you to our pupils and staff for making Summer School so fantastic!