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Year 2 Leavers Ceremony!

Parents, Pupils and Staff had a wonderful time at our Year 2 Leavers Ceremony. 

The day commenced with a dance performance from Year 2 pupils. The grownups were very impressed with their dance moves and contagious enthusiasm. Next, pupils thanked Mrs Simon for always being kind and caring throughout their time at Grimsdell. Mrs Simon responded with a heartfelt speech which moved our audience. 

We also watched a video of Year 2’s best memories and experiences during their time at Grimsdelll. Thank you to Miss Gale for putting the film together – it was great to see our memories come to life! Finally, the pupils performed their ‘Year 2 Leavers Song’. It was a stunning performance and everyone remembered the words! The day ended with a spectacular party filled with spray painting, games, face painting and more!

A very big thank you to all of the staff at Grimsdell. They have made our pupils’ time at Grimsdell warm, memorable and of course educational. We would also like to thank Year 2 children for their friendship, kindness and happy times we have had together at Grimsdell.