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Co-curricular Activities Return in Full Swing!

As we welcome our pupils back to Mill Hill International we have made sure our co-curricular program has returned in full swing. We aim to offer our pupils a range of exciting activities to promote self-growth and discovery and know that this year will be no different.  

Our boarding pupils got hands-on during their activity weekend, engaging in a range of fun, outdoor challenges. This included bush crafts, fire lighting, and bridge building. Whilst not always easy, it was heart-warming to see the great level of trust and team spirit amongst our pupils as they helped each other successfully complete each task. It was definitely a memorable weekend filled with a lot of strengthened friendships, memories, and laughter. 

Cookery Club began the year by making some delicious pizzas. Pupils made their own pizza dough from scratch before getting very creative with their choice of toppings. The end results looked very appetising and it is unsure whether these pizzas even lasted past the journey home from school…! 

Lunchtime activities always prove popular and we had a great turnout at our Board Games Club. Offering a fun, friendly environment, it is a great chance for our pupils to unwind during their lunch break with some healthy competition. With students able to choose their favourite games, we witnessed some tense games of Chess and Connect 4.  

We believe communication is so important for our pupils, helping them to feel comfortable amongst their peers. During tutor time, we set pupils a fun communication activity that involved putting themselves into birthday order without speaking to one another. Our pupils really embraced this activity and their tutors were impressed by their level of focus and ability to communicate non-verbally with one another. We are interested to see what engaging activities our staff set up next time! 

Thank you to our amazing staff for supporting our varied co-curricular program. We are looking forward to seeing even more fun and exciting opportunities for our pupils this year!