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Meet Ms Griffiths

Meet Ms Griffiths, Head of Classics at Mill Hill School. We Spoke to Miss Griffiths to find out a bit more about her and her role.

How long have you worked at Mill Hill School?

This is my fourth year. Originally, I joined as a Classics teacher, but now I am Head of Classics as well as Senior Tutor of Atkinson. I also coach Hockey U14 Bs, who recently scored their first amazing goal of the season! I love my roles as I get the opportunity to be with the pupils in different spaces, whether academic, pastoral or sport.

What does your role involve?

As Head of Classics, I inspire pupils to love the classical world and support teachers in the department to be the best they can be. Being Senior Tutor of Atkinson involves teaching our pupils to embody the Atkinson way: ‘be polite, be kind and always try your best.’ This helps our pupils to be the best version of themselves.

What is your favourite thing at Mill Hill School?

I love that my variety of roles allows me to get to know the pupils well and see many sides to them, whether in the classroom or on the hockey pitch. I have seen many pupils move from Fourth Form to the Upper Sixth and it is great to be part of their lives and watch them grow up.

Do you have any advice for our pupils which could help them to get the most out of their time at Mill Hill School?

Don’t be afraid of trying something you’ve not done before. Trying different things and having shared experiences in new places is a wonderful way to form lifelong friendships. For example, I know pupils who made new friendships doing House Drama in the Fourth Form and are still close friends in the Upper Sixth. Basically, I’d advise pupils to leave their comfort zone from time to time.

What is your favourite book and film for our pupils and why?

My favourite book is ‘The Secret History’ by Donna Tartt which I think brings Classics alive in a meaningful way. I can’t choose just one film, but I love any film to do with sports!

Could you share an inspirational quote with us? How does it inspire you?

“Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel.” This quote from Socrates is our Classics mission statement. It basically means it is not just about putting knowledge into pupils’ minds but instilling a passion for the subject. We want to make our pupils lifelong learners.

Can you tell us something that we might not know about you?

I grew up and went to school in Chicago. It is great getting to experience different ways of life and very interesting to see the differences between UK and USA education systems.