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This week in PE…

As the whole school embarks in a new topic, this week in PE all the children in Year 1 played 4 corners.

We marked 4 corners. Each corner had a picture of a very famous landmark in India. We had The Red Fort; Jantar Mantar; Jmeenakshi Amman Temple and of course, the Taj Mahal.

The teacher the middle closed her eyes and counted slowly and loudly down from 10 to 0. While she was counting, all pupils may stay where they were or quietly moved to a different corner. When the counter got to zero, everyone had to be at a corner. After counting, the teacher in the middle pointed to corner of her choice and could only open her eyes after having done so. Anyone stood in that corner had to sit down. If no one was standing at the chosen corner, all players sitting had to stand up and get back into the game. When only one player remained standing, she/he became the counter for the next round.