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This week in Year 1…

Last week, Year 1 classes were surprised by a visit from Mrs Webb who delivered a brown suitcase that had been left in the office over the summer holidays! We wanted to find out who the suitcase belonged to and decided to open it. We discovered a range of objects inside including a blue sari, a statue of Goddess Laxmi, incense sticks, jewellery and an Indian newspaper. We concluded that the suitcase had come from India. Earlier this week we received a letter from Grandpa Jivan who explained that he was in the UK visiting his family and asked us if we would look after his suitcase. In his letter, he asked us to learn lots of facts about India and left us with a book called Elephant Dance, A journey to India by Theresa Heine.

In Literacy, the children learnt what is the difference between a question and a statement. The children wrote questions to find out who’s suitcase was left in the office. The children used question starters (who, what, where why and how) to generate simple questions.

In Phonics, the children have been recapping the single sounds and this week they have been focusing on ‘w’, ‘igh’ ‘th’(voiced) and ‘th’(unvoiced). They looked at words containing these phonemes and digraphs.

In Maths, the children have been learning about positional language and ordinal numbers. The children used mathematical language to describe different positions in a variety of contexts.

This week and last week in PSHEE/Geography the children spoke about their family photos and the special people in their lives. They spoke about their summer holidays and located the country they visited on a world map.

In handwriting the children have been recapping the letters that belong to Georgia’s family. They practised the action for Georgia the Pig and learnt to write the starting shape to help them to begin to form all the cursive letters in Georgia’s family.