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Exciting First Half Term in Drama!

It has been an exciting first half term in Drama, with rehearsals beginning for Mill Hill School’s first ever original musical, Margaret’s Mind which will be performed from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 February 2023. 

More than 60 talented pupils from across all year groups will take to the stage, with many more assisting behind the scenes in the tech box or taking on stage management roles in the wings. Zoe S (Fourth Form, Priestley) and Amélie R (Fifth Form, School House) lead the cast as Margaret, a teenager desperately dreaming of becoming someone other than herself, who spends her lonely days documenting her anguish in a journal. As she attempts to navigate her way through High School, things are complicated when her estranged half-brother Ashley (Sam S, School House) stumbles across her writing and thinks he may have found inspiration for his next artistic masterpiece. Ticket details will be sent out in due course.  

Elsewhere, pupils studying Drama at A Level and GCSE travelled into London to take advantage of the city’s thriving theatre scene. The Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth enjoyed a gripping production of To Kill A Mockingbird at the Gielgud Theatre, with discussions afterwards piling particular praise on the scenic design, playwright Aaron Sorkin’s deft balancing of comedy and tragedy, and Patrick O’Kane’s reptilian performance as the villainous Bob Ewell.  

The Fifth Form headed to the Duchess Theatre for The Play That Goes Wrong, and thoroughly enjoyed dissecting the art of comic timing, as well as how the actors subverted theatrical tropes to continually surprise the audience.  

Our other Co-curricular clubs, including Technical Theatre Club and Mill Hill Playwrights, have also enjoyed promising starts, with pupils enjoying developing new skills in challenging sessions focused on mutual encouragement. We look forward to presenting participants’ work later in the year.  


Mr Alexander Gatherer, Director of Theatrical Performance