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This week in Music…

Year 1 have been working really hard to learn their songs for the ‘Barnet Music Festival’ that is taking place at a local school in November.

The festival is structured around the picture book ‘The Opposite’ by Tom MacRae and Elena Odriozola. It’s a quirky and elegantly written story about a boy who wakes up once morning to find a mischievous opposite on his ceiling!

They have been learning to sing ‘The Opposite Song’ and the children are so proud that they have also learnt to sign this song! It is all about celebrating our differences, with lyrics like… “Even opposites can get along!”.

The Beatles ‘Hello, Goodbye’ also features and the children enjoyed hearing that this song had been written by playing a game of opposites

We are also enjoying practicing our own choice of song, “If you want to sing out” originally by Cat Stevens. This will be performed by the Grimsdell children to the other schools, and we cannot wait to share our music making by singing and performing with other schools in the Borough.