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This week in Reception…

This week we have been learning about our school family. We have learnt about how we are in each class, our very own family, a special group of people who love and care for each other. Most of our time is spent at school during the week so making it feel like a home is so important. We went on walks around the school visiting different classes and seeing different teachers, we made up puzzles of teachers faces to spot who they were, we made our own maps to show what we see when walking around, created our own pictures of our new friends at school and Mrs Simon also came to visit us with one of her favourite stories. We have also continued to welcome our families in to talk about things about them, their jobs and all the experiences you have enjoyed together. Thank you to all the lovely families who have visited us, our children have really enjoyed it!

We have continued with our sounds in phonics and have now learnt 12 sounds! We learnt a new digraph also and are beginning to spot this within words. We created playdough monsters for the sound m, made alarm clocks for the sound ar, built caves to create echoes for the sound e and enjoyed walking like crabs for the sound c/k.

In Maths we have been using number names to count a set of objects accurately when they could be moving as well as when objects can’t be touched or seen. We have looked at key questions ‘what do you notice?’, ‘what can you see?’, ‘how do you know?’ to help develop our deeper thinking while also looking at new vocabulary.