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This week in Year 1…

Year 1 had a wonderful time on their trip to Whipsnade Zoo. The weather was perfect as we walked around visiting the tigers and then heading off to see the elephants. The elephants were out in the field mingling together. It was lovely to see Nang Phaya (Thai word for ‘Queen’ or a ‘strong female monarch’) the new addition to the elephant herd. The female elephant calf was born at Whipsnade Zoo on Monday 22 August, to mum Donna. The children admired the ‘not-so-little’ calf watching her follow her mum Donna and experimenting with her trunk trying to pick up small branches it was delightful! In the habitat workshop, the children learnt about the different types of animals and how they are adapted to their habitats. The children also had a lovely time visiting the aquarium and the butterfly house before alighting onto the coach back to Grimsdell.

This week in Literacy, the children wrote a recount of the trip using time connectives, such as first, second, next and after. They firstly, discussed in pairs what they did on the trip and sequenced photos of the trip in the correct time order. The children then wrote a recount in the past tense using the correct time connectives.