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This week in Year 1…

Monday was India day it was a fantastic way to celebrate the rich culture of India. The children had the opportunity of exploring and experiencing different activities throughout day from the sensory room of rich colours and textures to dancing and playing the drums. With the help of parents each class had some creative activities such as block printing, painting clay divas, mindfulness and dancing to Bollywood music, learning different moves to the music. and playing a famous Indian board game called Carrom.

This week in Literacy, the children have been reading the text, Hot Hot Roti by F.Zia. This book illustrates the fun way to learn about cultural traditions and foods. The children were inspired by the book and as a task, we all made our own roti from the dough. The children sequenced the events and wrote them in the past tense using the suffix- ed. The children enjoyed eating their roti with fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes which they chopped by themselves.

In PSHE, the children learnt to identify what foods are healthy and unhealthy. They learnt to categorise the foods into groups and learnt the effects of eating too much of one kind of food. The children designed a healthy plate to show what a healthy meal would look like.