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Belmont Bees

Today we are pleased to have welcomed two small bee colonies into the grounds of Belmont School. The hives have been carefully positioned in a safe and cordoned off area, well away from where they could be disturbed by children playing, working or walking. Viewing of the hives can take place under supervision and at a safe distance.

The bees will be managed by BeesMax a non-profit company whose sole aim is to reverse the decline of the UK bee population. The UK honeybees are in sharp decline, with up to 50 percent of colonies dying out each year. Our environment cannot afford further decline as over 85 percent of the earth’s plant species require pollinators to exist.

By introducing our own beehives into Belmont we will be helping to support the environment by increasing the numbers of these industrious and essential creatures. Through education of the children they will learn to admire and respect the bee and help to foster bee populations through simple, achievable actions.

Mrs L Dobson
Forest School Lead