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Call to Remembrance Service: Art Installation 2022

On Friday our Call to Remembrance Service took place at Mill Hill. Pupils, Staff and Old Millhillians gathered to remember those who gave their lives in World War One, World War Two, and other conflicts. Our community lined up in front of the Gate of Hour to remember the fallen, took part in a chapel service and listened to musical performances from the Music School.  

The School honoured the fallen soldiers of Mill Hill School in World War One with an art installation in the Chapel Garden. Art Scholars and staff in the Art Department took rubbings on canvas ribbons of each fallen soldier from Mill Hill School in the First World War. These names are listed on our School’s Gate of Honour, which stands in front of the School. The ribbons were then hung on a tree in the Chapel Garden. The ribbons will encourage our community to stop and think of those who have lost their lives in conflict. Thank you to Mr Lockwood (Art Technician), who prepared all 320 names onto the 92 canvas ribbons with the help of our art scholars and Ms Collins (Teacher of Art). 

The art scholars involved in the art installation were:  

Diana (Fifth Form, Murray) 

Yulia (Forth Form, Murray) 

Alex (Lower Sixth, Winfield)  

Dante (Lower Sixth, Weymouth)  

Lena (Fourth Form, Cedars) 

Martina (Fourth Form, Cedars) 

Christalla (Fifth Form, Cedars) 

Tabitha (Remove, School)  

Cecily (Fourth Form, Atkinson)  

Katya (Upper Sixth, Weymouth) 

Julie (Remove, Atkinson) 

George (School, Fifth Form) 

The Service was a very special day at our School. Please look out for more photos and videos in the coming days.