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Geography Field Trips to Kings Cross!

Geography Field Trips

Geography pupils in the Year 11 have been quite busy this week. On Wednesday afternoon they went to London’s Kings Cross Station, Camley Street Park and Granary Square on a Field Trip where they conducted an Urban Geographical Investigation, looking at how and why urban change occurred in the King’s Cross area in central London over the last 30 years. The pupils were required to collect primary data for this element of their field work which they did through interviews with members of the public. Within this assignment the pupils looked at the effect of gentrification on derelict properties in the inner city and the sustainable development of brownfield sites.

On Friday, after overcoming the initial hiccup of the coach breaking down, they were out again. This time they went to the River Tillingbourne in Surrey to conduct investigations under the umbrella of Physical Geography. They documented the physical features of the river and how its immediate surroundings are affected by it. With fieldwork being an essential component of the IGCSE Geography, they pupils enjoyed the opportunity to explore the practical elements of this course.