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This week in Nursery…

What another fantastic week in Nursery.

The children started the week by celebrating India day! The children all came into school dressed in the colours of the Indian flag and took part in many different activities including Indian drumming, Bollywood dancing and mindfulness. We were incredibly impressed with the children’s listening and concentration skills especially on a very busy day with lots of adult led activities.

The children then took part in the Indian craft activities throughout the week. The children made Indian coloured paper chains, rangoli patterns with sand, coloured in Indian elephants and painted their very own Diva lamps.

We also explored Holi festival this week, the children were not allowed to throw paint around however they did explore powder paint and mixed colours together using water.

In Addition to all this, the children explored and categorised animals. They sorted the animals that live on the farm and in the zoo. Then we challenged them to categorise them a different way. Many of the children recognised that we could categorise them by patterns and by feet.

The children are loving painting and colour mixing at the moment so today we challenged them to paint using a different object or material. The children then mixed the primary colours together and made a new colour. The children loved painting with straws, sticks, glue spreaders, leaves and even feathers.