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This week in Reception…

This week in Reception has been all about kindness for Anti-bullying Week. We started off our week with a visitor teaching us how to be kind and how to use kind words, thank you Miss Davey and Mrs Barnett for organising this for us. We had lots of circle times where we spoke about feelings, said what we liked about each other and gave special mentions to children we saw being kind in the classroom in COOL time. We took pictures of our friends for computing and showed off our selfie skills, made medals for being a kind friend, decorated cupcakes and asked a friend how they would like their cupcake to be decorated, made a class jigsaw puzzle and wrote a sentence about a friend and why we like them.

We had a circle time where we explored what our words can do to feelings inside of others using two apples. We passed an apple around the circle saying kind things to it ‘you are so yummy’, ‘you have lovely colours’, ‘you are my favourite fruit’, but we also passed another apple around that we weren’t so kind to ‘you are stinky’, ‘you can’t come to my birthday party’ and ‘I don’t like you’. When we finished, we opened up both apples and were shocked at what we had done. One apple was ready to eat and was happy inside but the other was bruised. Both apples looked the same on the outside but on the inside one apple had some hurt feelings. The children saw how their actions can upset others.

We have continued to learn about India and this week learnt about traditional clothing. We decorated our own saris and shalwar kameez and made garlands.

In Maths we have begun learning about patterns, spotting patterns in material and in the environment as well as making our own repeating patterns. We really enjoyed decorating sari’s using repeated patterns.

In Phonics we learnt the sounds r, h, or and f – remember to use your reading pages to read new words with these sounds in. For the sound rrrr we made rockets, for h we painted hen’s using hot colours mixed with spices, for or we searched for words using torches and for f we enjoyed making our own forest picture.

Another great week of learning Reception, we are all so proud of you all!