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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had another exciting week at school, and we are now discovering the ethnic delights of India. After landing in Kolkata, we went to visit our friend Cinnamon and identified what it is like to live in parts of India compared to how Cinnamon lives in a palace. We also looked closely into the life of her friend, Geeta – a young girl living in a poor area of India. The children compared her life to their own, looking at similarities and differences e.g. school day, houses, food, climate, routines etc.

Our PSHE focus this week was Antibullying, and the children took part in a fantastic workshop led by Perform for Schools. The children learnt about how to recognise a bully, what to do if they are bullied and to whom they can trust/talk. In one of the other activities in Year 2, we showed the children 2 apples (one had been previously dropped a few times). They looked identical on the outside, but when cutting in half and looking closely on the inside, it was clear to see one apple had been bruised and the other remained healthy. This lesson was to show the children that unkind words said to others may not appear to affect them on the outside but are very obviously destructive on the inside. Another activity was the ‘toothpaste lesson’ where it showed that “words are like toothpaste – easy to come out but impossible to get back in!” Important lessons to learn!