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U13 IAPS Rugby Festival

On Wednesday, the boys travelled to Oundel School in Northamptonshire for the annual IAPS U13’s Rugby Festival. 


The mini bus journey up was full of excitement and joy (not because they were missing school of course!) with the kids asking lots of questions ‘Sir who are we playing?’ ‘Sir how many games are there?’ and of course the old favourite, ‘Sir are we there yet…!’ 


We arrived in good time and the weather was beautiful – the perfect setting for a good day ahead. The boys played 4 fixtures in total with each game consisting of two ten minute halves. What impressed me the most was how determined and focused the boys were to challenge themselves to give their best efforts and really reflect on what they were doing. 


They won the day for me with their effort, self-reflection, accountability and humility and in doing so, wearing the Belmont shirt with pride and representing with values and maturity beyond their years! 


It always impresses me to see a young group of athletes take such control of their own actions and understand what it is that they want to do and why. I am proud and honoured to be their coach, and the tries, tackles, game understanding and successes in many areas on the day made it a real joy to be a part of! 


A special thanks must go to the parents that travelled for nearly 2 hours to come and support us. Your input and involvement was priceless and I thank you for your continued support of the boys.