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The Sixth Form Lecture Series Welcomes Shaun Attwood!

As part of our Sixth Form Lecture Series, our pupils were very fortunate to listen to Shaun Attwood, who shared his story of becoming a stock market millionaire to ending up in America’s toughest jail. Shaun aims to share his extraordinary story with young people to give a harsh insight into the realities of being a prisoner. His lecture was incredibly eye-opening and thought-provoking, highlighting the very real consequence of drug abuse and exposing the brutal nature of life in prison.

After Shaun moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to work in finance, he quickly became a successful stockbroker and then a millionaire day trader. Shaun’s surplus cash led him to engage in the party scene and get involved with illegal substances, resulting in him becoming addicted to drugs. At the time, Shaun realised he was breaking the law, however, the more he continued to break it, the more he felt as if he was above the law and would not get caught.


Consequently, he was placed in the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Jail. Shaun was extremely candid about the brutal conditions he endured, including cockroach infestations, corrupt guards, and extreme violence. Despite now being freed, Shaun cannot unsee the horrors of prison and will always be banned from America, China, Japan, and Hong Kong. This homed into our pupils the dangerous realities of getting involved with drugs and made them consider how their actions can affect the rest of their lives.


However, it was inspiring to hear how this experience has shaped Shaun as he uses it to educate others through his speeches and publishing literature. During his time in prison, he wrote ‘Jon’s Jail Journal’ documenting his experience. Shaun has since published multiple books, donating some of the proceeds to charity. We are extremely thankful for Shaun’s honest and insightful lecture and know that his talk has broadened our pupils’ perspectives and taught them valuable lessons.