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We welcomed back Adam Rossington for a Cricket Session!

Adam Rossington is a former Belmont and Mill Hill pupil who became a professional cricketer. Adam has been playing cricket professionally for fourteen years. Once again, we had the pleasure of welcoming Adam back to Belmont to deliver another fantastic cricket session!  

This time, he joined the Girls’ sports lesson. He helped the pupils with their form and showed them different stances which will help them to hit even more powerful shots. He also gave the girls feedback on their batting and bowling skills.   

We had the opportunity to ask Adam a few questions after the session. In a short interview, Adam told us he has been playing professionally for fourteen years. He started playing at Middlesex County Cricket Club at 16 years old, then moved to Northamptonshire County Cricket Club at 21 and is now at Essex County Cricket Club.  

He said his favourite thing about playing professionally is talking to a variety of different people, whether that is the people he trains with or plays against!  

Lastly, we asked him if he had any advice for our pupils who may want to pursue a career in professional sports, and he replied: ‘take on as much advice as you can, not everything will work, don’t be afraid to try new things and make sure you enjoy your practice.’