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Millhillians Enjoy a Career Fair at Mill Hill

At Mill Hill School, our pupils enjoyed a career fair organised by Mrs Walmsley (Head of Careers) and Mr Selvaraj (Assistant Head of Careers). The fair welcomed many parents and some Old Millhillians (OMs) from the following sectors: Law, Medicine, Film Production, Finance, Investment Banking, Accounting, Architecture, Psychology, Advertising, Marketing, Technology, Property, Psychology and Psychotherapy.  

The event was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to meet and talk with professionals across various industries and sectors. Pupils were able to ask questions and learn about how the professionals entered their current careers. There was also a specific table where pupils could discuss career-related questions which were not industry specific. This allowed them to learn more about working life in general and the transition from education to employment.  

Some of their questions included:  

  • What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of your work?  
  • What were your interests at my age? Do they reflect your career now?  
  • What did you wish you had known when you were my age that might have influenced your career choice?  

Mrs Walmsley had this to say about the event: “It is crucial to invite individuals from a range of professions and industries to speak with our pupils about their careers. It helps pupils understand where their passions lie, the realities of work and the various routes which can be taken to pursue their interests. This is even more powerful when these individuals are parents and OMs who have entered the professional world.”  

The careers fair was an excellent way to help our pupils think about their future careers and network with parents and OMs. We hope to welcome back more parents and OMs for future career fairs.