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November is men’s mental health month, in light of this Toby S, Sam S and I all gave an assembly to the Sixth Form in order to raise awareness over such a sensitive topic. We talked about the “Movember” movement and what they do to ensure that men’s mental health is not overlooked. Sam gave a moving speech about his own struggles with mental health and how during the COVID lockdown period began a battle with anxiety and depression. He dealt with the challenge of being open about his struggles with extreme bravery and character; all school pupils could learn from the strength and resilience he showed to be able to speak in front of his peers about his struggles.

To raise awareness, Toby had the idea of all Sixth Form boys growing moustaches until we break up for the Christmas holiday. This is the beginning of what I hope will be an annual school-wide fundraiser for the Movember campaign. Since the talk on Tuesday 15 November, we have raised £1,200 exceeding our initial target of £500. I could not be prouder of the efforts made by the School to have our voices heard and I hope that this campaign will continue long after we have all left the foundation and I feel privileged to be able to share a platform with these two outstanding young men and talk about an issue which we all hold so dear.

Ed O’K
Senior Monitor