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This week in Year 1

This week has been a very busy week rehearsing and remembering our songs for the Christmas production.  The children have been practising to every opportunity and are looking forward to presenting the show to the parents next week.

In literacy and Geography, the children looked at similarities and differences between India and the UK. Some of the things they compared were different types of transport, foods, currency, clothing, towns, and cities and many more. They used different ways to record their work such as, a Venn diagram.

In Phonics, this week the children have been learning the common constant ‘gr’ as in grip gran, grow and, ‘mp’ as in bump, thump and jump and recapping ‘ur’ as in burn, turn and fur. As we are at the end of phase 4 Anima Phonics the children have recapped reinforced some of the digraphs/trigraphs from the previous learning such as air, ure, er and ue,

In maths this week, the children have continued to reinforce story problems and finding the unknown parts. They also looked at matching different picture representations and providing an explanation for their match, using the language of addition and subtraction.