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Unplugged Charity Pop Concert 2022

The Music School and Charity Committee organised a pop concert for the charity ‘It’s Never You’. Old Belmontians run the ‘It’s Never You’ charity, which supports the families of children who have Cancer. We are pleased to have raised £144.75 for such a worthwhile cause.

There were solo performances across all year groups at Mill Hill School. All the singers sang with great confidence, and it was a pleasure to hear all the talent we have here in the school. We opened the evening with a performance from a pupil playing the Star Wars Theme on Trumpet and had a group of performances from our Glee club who performed together for the first time this year.

The performers got to play with a fantastic live band. This was formed by some of our top Sixth Form players who adapted quickly to short rehearsal times and were a joy to work with. They were supported by some of our excellent visiting Music Teachers, themselves, professional musicians.

The concert was full of a mix of upbeat and mellow pop songs, all chosen by the pupils, and was a treat to listen to. The lighting team did an excellent job transforming the Theatre into an intimate pop concert venue. There was an array of freshly baked goods on sale during the interval, alongside sweets and fizzy drinks, which were delicious.

We were fortunate enough to have a team of pupils working on live streaming the event. The video can be found on the Mill Hill School’s YouTube page or via this link: https://youtu.be/B2EjYhk00To

Thank you to all performers, supporters, and staff behind the scenes. The concert was a great success!