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Antarctica Adventure

Last Friday, Year 5 were fortunate to have a special visit from Peter Cregg (Miss Cregg’s brother) who recently went on an adventure to Antarctica. As the children have been studying the topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’ in CLP, Peter came in to share his incredible experience with them.

He started by describing the long journey to get there by making his way to South America, then boarding a special ship to make the treacherous journey through icy waters, finally arriving in Antarctica.

He then went on to tell the children about how they had to dig the post office out of two metres of snow as it hadn’t been used in two years, as well as his overnight sleepout in the snow and his close encounters with the wildlife. Year 5 were incredibly engaged throughout and asked some very thoughtful and interesting questions.

Peter also shared a very important message about how Antarctica remains so beautiful and special because everyone who visits, no matter where they are from or who they are, share a mutual respect and an aim to keep it unspoilt. He concluded his talk with a reflection of how if we all aim to treat the whole world like this, how beautiful it could be.