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Grimsdell Pre Prep Awarded Woodland Trust’s ‘Green Tree Gold Award’!

Grimsdell Pre-Prep has received a Gold Award from the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Schools Award. The award promotes learning doors and encourages pupils to discover more about plants, trees and wildlife. Pupils and staff have worked incredibly hard to achieve this award, and the entire School is extremally proud of them. Ms Richards (Teacher of Year One and Leader of the Eco Committee at Grimsdell Pre-Prep) said the following about this fantastic achievement.

“I am so pleased Grimsdell Pre-Prep has received this award in recognition of the hard work of pupils, staff, and our fantastic Eco Committee. The School completed various tasks and initiatives to build on our Silver Award from last year. Our Reception classes created beautiful, sustainable and transient art using items found in nature. Their pieces were all very creative and, left no environmental trace behind. Year One Classes completed three exciting activities to support our work. Firstly, they visited a local wood and learnt about the nature around them. Secondly, they created boats from recycled objects and floated them in a stream. Finally, Year One learnt the importance of saving trees and created their own images of a ‘Tree Champion’, a character who protects the environment.

I was very impressed by the work of our Eco Committee (which is comprised of Year One and Two pupils) because they helped audit the School by identifying good sustainable practices and things that the School could do to improve even further. Well done to everyone involved in helping us to achieve this award, your work will help to protect our environment for future generations!”

Grimsdell Pre-Prep prides itself on having outstanding Forest Schools, outdoor learning lessons and environmental initiatives. It is wonderful to have this hard work recognised by the Woodlands Trust.