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Mr Ho (6GJ) Appointed as Head of Belmont for the Day!

We are delighted to introduce our new Head for the day – Mr Ho (6GJ)! Mr Ho won an in-school raffle and the prize for this was taking on the Belmont Headship for a day. Fully equipped with a Mill Hill School Foundation staff lanyard, Mr Ho has taken on various roles today. He started by preparing for the Upper School and Lower School Assemblies. He led both assemblies incredibly well and even gave out a few certificates to some of our pupils. Next, Mr Ho embarked on a ‘Learning Walk’ with Mr Tongue (Assistant Head, Operations), where he found out more about the school.  

After a few lessons, lunchtime quickly followed. Mr Ho had lunch in the Rooker Roberts Room with two friends and Mr Roberts. Toward the end of the day, Mr Ho visited Mrs Smith (the Head’s Personal Assistant and a member of the Senior Leadership Team). Here he checked letters to parents and helped prepare content for the newsletter, which goes out on Friday.  

We spoke with Mr Roberts and Mr Ho about his new appointment. Mr Roberts commented, “I have enjoyed putting my feet up today whilst Mr Ho has taken charge. He gave cracking assemblies, and I am very impressed by all his work”. Mr Ho said, “Being Head for the day has been so exciting!”. It was wonderful to catch up with both Heads and learn more about the day.