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Oxford University Computing Challenge

We would like to celebrate the success of the following students who achieved a top 10% score in the UK Bebras Challenge which took place in November 2022. A special mention goes to Krishan (7GP) for achieving the highest marks in the School. They were invited to take part in the Oxford University Computing Challenge last Wednesday.

Well done to all of the pupils who took part. We look forward to finding out the results of this challenge in the coming weeks.

Year 6
Arthur (6AH), Zachariah (6GJ), Alisa (6ZS)

Year 7
Ethan (7AC), Finn (7AC), Jenna (7AC), Evie (7AM), Aiden (7AM), Evie (7AM), Michael (7AM), Harry (7FH), Dawud Ali(7FH), Krishan (7GP), Ethan (7GP), Sebastian (7NB), Viann (7NB), Rishan (7NB), Thomas (7NR), Ivey (7NR), Alexander Blades (7NR), George (7SI), Max (7SI), Mia (7SI), Hudson (7SI), Heorhii (7SI), Clémentine (7SI).

Year 8
Sunny (8CM), Felix (8JC), Luca (8JC), Kotaro (8JI), Gabriel (8LM), Luca (8LM), Katy (8OM),  George (8OM)

Mrs U Atytalla
Head of Computing