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This week in Reception…

Another week of amazing experiences for our lovely classes. We started our week with a visit from Jessie who used to work at Grimsdell (Miss Bea) who is now a flight attendant. She came and spoke about her job and all the different things she does to keep us safe as well as enjoying our flight. The children were amazed to see Toffee Bear on board Jessie’s flight and saw all the cheeky things he got up to ending with a fabulous holiday on the beach in the Maldives!

This sparked their imagination as they boarded aeroplanes in the classroom, collected and made tickets and passports, making yummy food on board and took our own Toffee Bears on a trip around the world.

We added different countries to our maps of the world and will now begin to learn about two cities over the next few weeks, cities from Emma Jane’s trip. It might be London, Paris, Venice, New York, Bejing or Sydney! We are looking forward to writing facts and finding them on our very own maps.

We have enjoyed being back in the cabin after the Christmas break. The cold spell has made us curious about ice and made us mix up some yummy frozen food in the mud kitchen.

We ended the week with our first Reception school trip to the RAF museum. All the teachers are so proud of how well you listened to your group leader and followed instructions as we explored different areas around. We enjoyed a workshop called Teddy’s Travels where we went looking for Teddy’s lost medal. We were in awe of the big planes that we got to look at and how different planes used to be. Our favourite part of the day was probably eating our packed lunch, thank you grown-ups!

In phonics we learnt our final Reception sounds air, x, ue and qu. We made aeroplanes, wrote secret messages with x-ray pens, designed unicorn horns and became royalty with our own crowns. We are so impressed with your fantastic word writing using these sounds. To help with our letter formation we have focused on our fine motor skills this week, using tweezers, following patterns, cutting, collage and a favourite of ours DOUGH DISCO!

In Maths we finished our learning about classification, we enjoyed sorting shells by the patterns and shapes, sorting 3D shapes whether they roll or slide, sorting by colour leading to us sorting different types of transport. We sorted by air, water and land and even thought about seaplanes which are both air and water.