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Fourth Form Interhouse Wearable Technology Competition

Mrs Sanchez (Head) joined us for the final of the Fourth Form Interhouse Wearable Technology Competition.  

The task required pupils to create a new product and make critical business decisions. Pupils were asked to: develop the branding of their product, identify a target audience, consider the materials needed, predict costs, propose a retail price and communicate the product’s unique selling points. These elements were then conveyed in a two-minute product pitch, which is a challenge for an experienced adult entrepreneur!  

The pupils performed exceptionally well and should be proud of themselves. A massive congratulations to the eventual winners from Winfield House Isabelle (Fourth Form), Francisco (Fourth Form), Johnny (Fourth Form) who came up with Audiofy’. Their outstanding product was a smart hearing aid which amplified speech, reduced background noise and used voice recognition software to alert the user to whom they were speaking to. The pitch stood out to our judges because of the innovative brand name, slick PowerPoint, articulate presentation and attention to detail demonstrated by the pupils. 

Mr Dweck (Teacher of Biology and Head of Innovation and Enterprise)