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‘Margaret’s Mind’

An exciting new musical premiered this week at Mill Hill School and on Monday afternoon, the Year 8s were fortunate in being able to watch the very first show.

‘Margaret’s Mind’ is a delightfully modern musical which, in two hours,  tells us more about adolescence and growing up in 2023 than we could ever teach the pupils ourselves. Without being simplistic, it superbly summarises the trials and tests of being an anxious teen: Margaret dreams of a perfect life where she is not socially awkward and her ‘aspirational self’ is cleverly woven into the confidant voice that speaks and sings back to her as she braves High School in Ohio.

To see so many ex- Belmontians in the cast was heart-warming. So many pupils who had started their theatrical journey at Belmont were there on stage, perfectly cast, singing and acting so beautifully in this moving, funny and very tender show.

I fully expect to see Songs like ‘Metamorphosise’, ‘In 10 Years’ Time’ and ‘ Falling a Little Bit in Love With You’, performed in this show when it reaches the West End, which it absolutely deserves to do so. I give huge congratulations to Mr Gatherer, the Head of Theatrical Performance at Mill Hill, along with his creative team for his inspired work.

At the end of the final performance on Thursday evening, Mrs Sanchez spoke of how moved she was by the ultimate message in the musical: Be kind, Be brave, Be you! It’s great that our Belmont pupils are already taught these values and brilliant that they so happened to be woven into such a sensational new musical.

Mrs L Russo

Head of Drama